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    Some days you want a drink that's easy-sipping with a hint of complexity on the tongue. This is the drink for you! We think this gin mule is a perfect everyday cocktail. The CITY Bright gin is rich and flavorful, lingering a moment after you sip. The FRUITLAB Ginger liqueur is warm and zingy making it the perfect partner. Add as much fresh jalapeno as your tastebuds desire 🙂 Pair with something tasty and satisfying: a doorstep sandwich packed with cheddar or Italian sausage.

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    Not just for brunch! In its simplest form a Bloody Mary is just vodka and tomato juice. We like to think that this is one of the places where the savory flavors of TRU Garden vodka shine. Of course, you can mix it up a bit. Maybe you already have a favorite Bloody Mary mix or you like to make your own. We humbly recommend mixing fresh tomato juice with lime juice, worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, celery salt and cracked black pepper. The ratios for a Bloody Mary can also be tweaked to taste. In this Bloody Mary recipe, we advocate 2oz of TRU Garden vodka to 6oz of mix. That will give you a nice long drink but we've seen equal measures or 2:1 used too. What we're saying is: the best Bloody Mary is really the one you make on the day. Live a little, customize what goes in the glass but stay true to TRU Garden vodka. Pair with any egg dish. Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine are the perfect accompaniment as the tomato juice cuts the richness of hollandaise sauce.

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    Officially LA's favorite cocktail, The Griffith is an acclaimed award winner. Created in 2014, it evokes the flavors of Los Angeles as it's deep and complex (like a Hollywood actor), fresh (like the breeze off Santa Monica Pier) and unforgettable (like the first time you land at LAX). The Griffith Cocktail is designed to work with freshly prepared food and is the perfect drink to hand your home chef while they prepare a masterpiece. If possible, use local lemons and cucumbers grown in season. You'll like The Griffith Cocktail because it's sweet and fresh with a little bit of a bite. Here's Melkon's take on the drink: ‘Many great cities have signature cocktails. It's time for Los Angeles to create a drink to call its own, something that reflects the local culture that we can savor with friends and share with visitors.’

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