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In Love? Get A ‘Cocktails For Lovers’ Consultation

Build a Signature Cocktail Celebrating Your Love


Design Your Signature Cocktail

Greenbar Distillery is feeling the love with Cocktails for Lovers consultations this spring.
Whether you’ve known your partner for years, are embarking on a new relationship or are just feeling the love: get a cocktail consultation and build a custom cocktail to celebrate your happiness.

Cocktails for Lovers consultations

How It Works

Cocktails for Lovers consultations are your chance to work with a Greenbar Distillery expert and the object of your affection to develop a one-of-a-kind cocktail designed for your unique tastes and attitude.
During the 75-minute session you’ll chat about flavors you like, try different spirits and build a personalized cocktail. Once you’ve combined the perfect blend, the recipe is yours to take home forever! You ’ll also receive a generous discount at our distillery store.

Share the Cocktail You Love with Friends

Your Cocktails for Lovers consultation is designed to help you serve a unique cocktail on your big day (whatever that might be!)
We’ve thrown thousands of parties both huge and tiny and we’ve learned a few things along the way. We can talk about timing, batching quantities and help create a cocktail that meets your price point without compromising on flavor.
We don’t even need your star sign!

Are You The One?

Maybe you have a big event coming up this summer or maybe you just love cocktails. Either way, the only reason you need is love. If you want to serve a unique cocktail at your engagement / anniversary / wedding / vow renewal / just feeling good party – we can help!
Greenbar Distillery grew from love. We created our cocktail consultations for lovers to help you create your own personalized drink while having fun and learning about spirits. Come in, have a chat, try some cocktail ideas and that’s it. We meet you. You meet us. It’s nice. 

How to Book

Ready to design your ultimate signature cocktail? Click here to book an appointment at Greenbar Distillery in Los Angeles. You’re welcome to come on your own, bring your significant other or bring a group to help you develop your dream drink. All consultations must be pre-booked at least 48 hours in advance.
Most consultations take around 75 minutes. You’ll be able to taste and develop your cocktail with an expert mixologist who will listen to your needs and help you develop your signature cocktail based on your flavor preferences and seasoned with a nod to your love story.

Cocktails for Lovers consultations


Cocktails for Lovers consultations

Ready to chat flavor, heart and love?

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