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Founded in 2004, Greenbar Distillery is LA’s first since Prohibition and one of the first craft distilleries in the U.S. 

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From bar-quality RTDs to velvety vodka to adventurous whiskey, enjoy these deeply flavorful craft spirits made with heart in Los Angeles.

Greenbar bottled cocktails


These California inspired takes on classic cocktails offer authentic bar quality every time.

Greenbar non-alcoholic canned cocktails


All the flavor, none of the buzz. These non-alcoholic Bitters+Soda and UN highballs means you can always take part in the occasion.

Greenbar highball canned cocktails on scrabble board


These year-round classics deliver the flavor and complexity of the best bar-made drinks in an anywhere, anytime format.

Greenbar canned Spritz cocktail at the beach


Bubbly, slightly sweet with backbone, this spritz is a treat. We made them as American craft versions of the Italian tradition. Enjoy them cold straight out of the cans or over ice.

Greenbar liqueur bottles against wall


These deceptively powerful liqueurs are a testament to all the flavors found in the City of Angels. Ginger plays with the flavors of Asian cuisine, Hibiscus is inspired by Agua Fresca and Orange is a nod to the quality of Californian citrus. Your bar isn’t complete without Greenbar liqueurs.

Greenbar Poppy amaro bottle against angel wings graffiti


A California-inspired take on European bitter liqueurs. Made by marrying the best of California’s bounty of herbs, flowers and citrus to bring a new taste to cocktail lovers everywhere.

Greenbar gin against Los Angeles city skyline


Bright is a new kind of gin based on LA’s vibrant food scene. It’s one-of-a-kind taste captures the flavors of herbs, spices and flowers common in cuisines Angeleos eat every day from East and South Asia, as well as Mexico and the Middle East.

Greenbar Single Malt whiskey and glasses of Old Fashioned cocktails


A most unique American single malt whiskey aged with six woods for unique flavor & complexity: traditional white oak + hickory, maple, mulberry, red oak and grape.

Greenbar vodka bottles against graffiti wall


Velvety, vibrant and clean, our vodka unique wheat spirits and California fruit for the perfect cocktail building blocks.

IXA tequila bottles with no background


Tequila that refuses to compromise. Some tequilas offer deep flavor, but exact a burn. Others taste smooth yet lack flavor. Every sip of IXÁ tequila delivers a deep, mellow taste without additives or sugar.

Greenbar Spiced rum with two daiquiri cocktails


Sweet, grassy and supple—a California marriage of traditional and Agricole rums. This Pacific take on rum delivers more flavor so it sings proudly in cocktails. Enjoy in Daiquiris, Mai Tais and all Tiki drinks.

Greenbar bitters bottles with no background


These powerful & refined bitters to add instant aroma, complexity and finish to all manner of cocktails, low-alcohol drinks and desserts.

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Whether you’re new to cocktails, a weekend mixologist, or a pro bartender, learn more about the many reasons to love Greenbar Distillery craft spirits.

Greenbar Distillery In The News
Woman next to bottle of gin

“I’ve always loved CITY Amber Gin – it’s versatile and stands out. I’ve tried & enjoyed most gins but keep coming back ”

Laura, Favorite Spirit: Greenbar Amber Gin (retired)
Woman holding red cocktail with Greenbar Hibiscus liqueur

“I’m always looking for interesting new drinks. I love that these taste fantastic & they’re organic too!”

Marianne, Favorite Spirit: Greenbar Hibiscus Liqueur
Man holding cocktail

“Greenbar Distillery values are the same as my values: do the right thing and enjoy the good things!”

Bennet, Favorite Spirit: IXÁ Silver Tequila
Man next to bottle of Greenbar vodka

“Greenbar Distillery has a huge selection of organic liquor. Perfect if I want to mix up a cocktail, boost a beer – seriously try FRUITLAB Ginger Liqueur with an IPA – or when I want something light & flavorful over ice.”

Dan, Favorite Spirit: Greenbar Vodka
Woman with bottle of Greenbar Lemon vodka

“Lemon vodka made with the zest from thousands of lemons? Count me in. Love it and the rest of Greenbar Distillery’s delicious options. #yum!”

Guadalupe, Favorite Spirit: Greenbar Lemon Vodka
Woman holding cocktail featuring Greenbar Poppy amaro

“I love cocktails but used to only drink them at bars – making them at home was too much hassle. Now I grab a few bottles of Greenbar Distillery spirits and know I can knock up a great drink in a few shakes! 

Jen, Favorite Spirit: Greenbar POPPY Amaro
Woman holding cocktail featuring Greenbar Single Malt whiskey

“I’m a huge whiskey fan and was intrigued to try SLOW HAND Whiskey – LA’s first since prohibition. Happy to say: it’s awesome. Perfect for sipping and great in an Old Fashioned. It’s now one of my favorites! ”

Beth, Favorite Spirit: Greenbar Single Malt whiskey


Our One Bottle/24 RTDs, One Tree Program Supports the Environment and Community

Each time you buy a bottle of Greenbar Distillery spirits or 24 cans of our RTDs, we plant a tree. We’ve been planting trees since 2008 and our distillery forest gets bigger every day. So far, we’ve planted 1,095,723 trees and it’s all thanks to you.

Trees Planted
Cocktails Poured
Daily Carbon Footprints Erased


Hashtag #GreenbarDistillery with photos of your distillery visit or your favorite cocktail creation!