We might be able to help.

At Greenbar Distillery, we care about our community and want to help you have fun. If you’d like to serve Greenbar Distillery spirits at your local community event then please answer all the questions below and send your request to

A few things to know:

  • We get a lot of requests and can’t say yes to everyone – we’d love to but it’s just not feasible.
  • Give us as much notice as possible. We ask for at least four weeks so we have time to properly evaluate and get you on the schedule.
  • Really think about why you want to serve Greenbar Distillery spirits. Are you just looking for an alcohol donation or is there a reason you want to serve craft spirits made in Los Angeles?
  • Are you (or are you supporting) a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization?
    • Regardless of whether or not a donation is possible, California 501(c)3s have the opportunity to purchase spirits at a reduced non-profit rate (20% off SRP). Please contact us for more information or to place an order.


We like to get to know all the organizations we help. We often invite event organizers to the distillery to try a couple of drink options tailored to your exact needs.

We can sometimes supply:

  • Signature Cocktail Creation Support
  • Limited Bottle Donations
  • Gift Packs
  • Discounted Classes

Organic Spirits from Greenbar Distillery

CITY Gin from Greenbar Distillery


  • Name
  • Brief overview of event:
  • Event date:
  • Start and end time:
  • Venue name and address:
  • Number of guests expected:
  • Anticipated drinks per guest:
  • Attendee profile (general age, interests, etc):
  • Event contact name:
  • Event contact email:
  • Event contact phone:


  • How would you like Greenbar Distillery to participate:
  • Other event sponsors:
  • Will Greenbar Distillery spirits be the only liquor served:
  • What other beverages will be available:
  • Are there any fees or participation costs for Greenbar Distillery:


  • Is this event private (pre-registered attendees or only pre-invited guests) or open to the public:
  • Is your event free or paid / Is there a cash bar or suggested donation:
  • Do you have a preferred spirit choice:
  • Will you provide ice and glassware:
  • Do you have bar staff available to pour/serve:
  • Do you have spirit licensing secured*:

*Many locations require a one-day spirit license if they do not usually serve alcohol. 


  • How will you promote Greenbar Distillery:
  • Website URL:
  • Social Accounts:


  • Why would you like Greenbar Distillery to support your event:
  • How did you hear about Greenbar Distillery:

In return for community spirit donations, we request the following:

  • All cocktails should be made with organic ingredients when possible
  • All fruit juices should be fresh squeezed (trust us – it makes a real difference)
  • At least four permanent social media mentions (with one showing the provided drinks within three days of your event)
  • Clear bar signage so attendees know they are drinking local, craft, organic spirits from Greenbar Distillery
  • Event organizer is responsible for all licensing and ensuring drinks are enjoyed responsibly by guests 21 and over

Greenbar Distillery Cocktail Creation