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At Greenbar Distillery, we make spirits a little differently from most. We start by imagining a better version of familiar spirits — whiskey with new flavors that no one has ever tasted, gin so rich that it doesn’t get lost in Negronis, liqueurs that add vibrant flavors to drinks without drowning them in sugar and amari that reflect the character of California’s nature and culture. Our goal is always the same: bring something new and meaningful to the craft spirits conversation and leave our customers delighted.

Being located in LA’s Arts District, surrounded by cutting-edge startups, genre-bending chefs and a free-flowing mix of fine and street art, we feel free to pursue our goals through whichever path gets us there.

Sometimes, this means bringing back historical techniques, like Renaissance-era gin making with our CITY Amber Gin. At other times, it means inventing new methods, like a whole new production system to scale up old-world infusions to make flavorful spirits using food, not fake flavors, no matter how big our batches get. Lately, we’ve been making a new kind of whiskey using more of the forest than any other distillery by treating wood like an ingredient, not just a barrel, by building giant barrels and inserting house-toasted staves of five non-traditional trees for our SLOW HAND Six Woods Malt Whiskey.

Whatever path we take, we taste each production batch every other day. Because we use real ingredients, this is the best way we know to guide the flavor forward.

We do all this to achieve spirits that taste full, saturated with flavor, yet clean. We do this because you deserve tastier spirits.