You Asked. We Heard. FRUITLAB Jasmine Liqueur Is Back.

Our hard working distillery team is making a limited run of this delicate yet rich and flavorful liqueur and the new batch is due to be released any day now.  If you’re interested in getting your hands on a bottle (or more) then email This is a limited run and when we’re out, we’re out.

FRUITLAB Jasmine Liqueur Greenbar Distillery

Back in 2010, we developed FRUITLAB Jasmine liqueur in response to bartenders asking ‘How can we put pretty in a bottle?‘ They wanted the light, delicate flavor of jasmine flowers amplified so they could stand their ground in cocktails.

During formulation we kept coming back to the same question. It kept us grounded even when we nearly turned in different directions. We added black and green tea for depth and citrus for balance but made sure the overriding flavor is pure jasmine nectar. It’s a true, strong taste that is rich and rewarding. Even better, it works in a huge range of cocktails. Here are three of our favorites.

FRUITLAB Jasmine Liqueur cocktail recipe ideas

  • Floral and delicate with a rich, tea like finish
  • Molasses spirits, jasmine, green & black teas, lemon and cane sugar
  • Floral and tea like, FRUITLAB Jasmine liqueur drinks like the nectar of real flowers. It’s bold enough for cocktails and smooth & complex for sipping. Add to sparkling wine, whiskey, vodka… even lemonade
  • 20% ABV
  • 216g per 750ml bottle (Far lower than most standard liqueurs)

FRUITLAB Jasmine Liqueur from Greenbar Distillery

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