Fast & Easy ‘Cookie Exchange’ Cocktail Recipes

Holidays are nearly here and, since we all enjoy making things from scratch at Greenbar Distillery, we love potlucks and cookie swaps. But the thing we hear again and again is that the host doesn’t know what to serve. Wine with cookies just doesn’t seem right, milk too childish, coffee? Nah, I have to get to sleep at some point! So a cookie exchange is the perfect opportunity to try new holiday-themed cocktails.

Greenbar Distillery Cookie Exchange Cocktail Recipes

Our resident recipe creator and tester, Litty, developed these cookie exchange cocktail recipes to be fast and tasty but require almost no clean-up time.

“Last December, we tried something different at the Greenbar Distillery holiday party. We set up a cookie table (for Santa) with every imaginable dunkable — sandwich cookies, icebox cookies, sugar cookies, biscotti, Mexican wedding cookies, vegan bars, you-name-it cookie, it was there. Then we set out cold pitchers of spiked milk. It’s exactly what it sounds like. One was spiked with our SLOW HAND Six Woods Whiskey, another with the CRUSOE Spiced rum. We even had spiked almond and soy milks (we are in Los Angeles, after all).

Santa didn’t show up so we had to eat and drink it all. The table was such a hit.

The spiked milk snowballed into the cookie exhange cocktail. What is that, you ask? It’s a cocktail meant to pair with multiple cookies. You know, for when you swap holiday cookies with your friends and talk smack about the friends that didn’t come…or bake anything.

The cookie swap cocktail takes our basic spiked milk recipe as inspiration and adds some easy sophistication. These are not complicated and can be batched ahead.

These are some of my favorite cookie swap cocktail and cookie recipes.”

Cookie Exchange Cocktail Recipe Ideas

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Greenbar Distillery Cookie Exchange Recipe Ideas